Virginia Dutton

The Regenerative Health Clinic is operated and run by Virginia Dutton. Virginia is a qualified nutritionist and Health Coach, whose field of expertise lies in Anti-Ageing/Regenerative Nutritional Medicine. Virginia originally trained in Naturopathic Nutritional Medicine by Dr. Plaskett and in Iridology by both Dr. Plaskett and leading UK iridologist John Andrews.

Virginia found that whilst traditional methods of detoxification, such as bowel and liver cleanses, were extremely beneficial to the health of her clients, improvement of the chronic degenerative disease state was still slow, due to the increased toxicity of the modern world in which we live. This led her to search deeper into effective and more rapid techniques for effective, whole body healing. Virginia went on to study Metabolic Typing, Biological Terrain Medicine, Live Blood Analysis in America with Biomedx and Mitochondrial Medicine with Dr. Michael Kuchera – leading Mitochondrial expert. In addition Virginia has studied and continues to study the effects of stress on the human energy field with Stephen and Lynda Kane, (

Regenerative Cell Therapy is a unique approach to rapid health transformation created by Virginia and uses a combination of traditional Naturopathic techniques together with cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs in Mitochondrial/Energy Medicine to promote a more rapid transition to increased levels of health and vitality. Thereby helping her clients to regenerate and regain their health.

Virginia specializes in the field of Anti-Ageing, Weight loss and Skin and Allergy Solutions.

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