About Regenerative Health

The Regenerative Anti-Ageing clinic is operated and run by Virginia Dutton – a qualified Anti-Ageing Nutritionist and Health Coach, who specialises in the field of Anti-Ageing Nutritional Medicine.

Virginia is the creator of a unique form of Cellular Detoxification called Regenerative Cell Therapy. This innovative approach to health is aimed at those individuals wishing to lose weight and find effective solutions to persistant skin and allergic conditions including food allergies and food intolerances.

Regenerative Cell Therapy works on improving the functioning of the different systems within the body, thereby effectively reducing the body’s biological age. This leads to a more rapid and effective healing from chronic disease conditions.

When the body remains ‘young’ on the inside, the effects are visible on the outside too. Clients often find that they regain a more youthful appearance in addition to achieving and maintaining optimum levels of health and vitality.

Regenerative Cell Therapy is based upon a unique combination of the following:

• Mitochondrial Medicine.
• Anti-Ageing Nutrition.
• Human Energy Physics

Virginias qualifications include:

• Nutritional Medicine
• Iridology
• Mitochondrial Therapy
• Live Blood Analysis
• Heart Rate Variability Testing
• Energenics or Human Energy Physics

Virginia continues to study Mitochondrial Medicine with leading Mitochondrial expert Dr. Michael Kuchera M.D. based at the Heart Wise Clinic in Cheshire. In addition, Virginia is a long-term student of Stephen and Lynda Kane who produce innovative technologies for helping clients protect their energy field from all forms of stress and ageing.

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