How does the body age?

The ageing process of the human body begins at approximately 28-30 years of age, and occurs on two levels:

1. Cellular Level.
2. Systemic Level.
The internal age of our bodies is known as our biological, (or functional) age. This can often vary quite dramatically from our numerical age. There is little point in trying to ‘fix’ our outside appearance when we have an ageing liver heart or brain.

What are some of the most common symptoms of ageing?

Examples of cellular ageing, leading to systemic underfunction include:
• General loss of vitality.
• Physical and mental exhaustion.
• Premature ageing.
• Signs of dysfunction of the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, liver and digestive organs.
• Lack of drive and declining mental efficiency.
• Weakness of the immune system.
• Allergies and food intolerances.
• Skin disorders.
• Dysfunction of the endocrine glands – leading to hormonal problems.

What is Anti-Ageing Nutrition?

Anti-Ageing Nutrition is a new and exciting branch of nutritional medicine based on the latest advances in cell rejuvenation.

Are supplements involved?

Yes. Supplements are recommended where necessary, and uniquely matched to a clients individual requirements.

What is the form of testing used?

Each initial consultation consists of a full health assessment, which includes:

• Live Blood Analysis
• Dry Layered Blood Analysis
• Dietary + Supplement Recommendations
• Heart Rate Variability test – followed by full report

What is the cost of the session?

Consultancy Fees

Initial Consultations + Full Report + Personal Wellness Programme
£120 (incl VAT)

Follow-up appointments, including Personal Wellness Programme
£100 (incl VAT)

Note that there will be an additional charge of £10 if full reports are required at
follow-up appointments.

What are the benefits of this programme?

The benefits include, but are not limited to:
• An expanded level of fitness.
• A healthy body weight and the ability to maintain it.
• Improved immunity.
• Good quality sleep.
• Better digestion.
• Clearer skin.
• Shinier hair.
• A sharper memory.
• Disappearance or lessening of past health challenges.

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