Heart Rate Variability testing or HRV has it’s roots in the ancient Chinese tradition of “pulse diagnostics”. HRV was first used in Russian Space Medicine in the 1960’s, where it was important to receive the maximum information of body function and homeostasis using only the minimum of data transmitted from space, i.e. the astronaut’s breath and heart rate.

HRV testing measure your body’s internal homeostatic control mechanisms. Homeostasis is the ability of cells and organisms to maintain balance by adjusting physiological processes. In Traditional Chinese Medicine this is the Yin and Yang of healthy expression.

When a core homeostatic control gets stuck, or is allowed to move beyond its norms without a corresponding ability to return where it should, ADAPTIVE CAPABILITY can be lost and health begins to fail. 99% of all known disease is caused by this lack of adaptive capability or ‘internal stress’.

When measurements show that homeostatic controls are moving away from balance, it is a sign that our inherent adaptive capacity for vibrant health is being affected.

If a measure under or over performs beyond the physical bounds where the best health is known to exist, then appropriate corrective action can be taken. This action does not entail “treatment” for symptoms, conditions or disease, but instead applies scientific realities and natural protocols to re-establish and strengthen adaptive capacity, which in turn supports the body’s natural ability to self-heal and provides the framework for maximum performance.

There is no disease process that does not in some manner effect a change in homeostatic control. Proper measurement of your internal physiology is key because it is not possible to manage what you don’t measure.

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