What is Live Blood Analysis?

Live Blood Analysis is the analysis of living blood under a powerful microscope connected to a camera. Live Blood Analysis enables us to observe the quality of our red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and blood plasma.

Who is it for?

Live Blood Analysis is suitable for anyone who cares about their health and wishes to achieve and maintain optimum levels of health and vitality. If our blood is healthy – then our bodies will become healthy.

What can be detected?

Acid/Alkaline balance.
Arterial Sclerosis
Candida (yeast) and fungal infections.
Immune system function.
Vitamin deficiencies
Mineral imbalances.
Levels of toxicity
Excessive oxidative stress – i.e. ageing
Digestive imbalances
Poor circulation, poor oxygenation
Excessive acid production

What can I expect from my initial session?

Your first consultation consists of an in depth microscope session lasting approximately one hour. A follow up report is then sent to each client, containing details of their analysis together with dietary and supplement recommendations.

Preparation for Live Blood Analysis

Try to eat lightly on the day of your session and, if possible, leave a gap of 1-2 hours before arriving for your analysis.


Live Blood Analysis takes the guess work out of preventative health care by giving an in-depth qualitative view of the body’s own internal homeostatic balance.

Here at Regenerative Health, we believe that every clinic providing health care needs to support their clients at their most fundamental level with this simple technology.

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