Regenerative Health is based upon the regeneration of health within the body – at a cellular level. It is a new and burgeoning field in the natural health area.

The human body is designed to be inherently self-healing and self-regenerating. Our bodies are in a state of constant renewal, much like a building whose bricks are constantly being renewed.

Traditional methods of detoxification based on an organ/systems approach, whilst helpful are not working as they once used to because we are now being poisoned at a cellular level. Stress, inactivity, poor diet and environmental toxins such as EMF have caused new levels of damage to the human body at a cellular level, disrupting communication between cells and causing rapid deterioration of a chronic degenerative nature.

These modern pollutants are leaving our bodies metabolically compromised with mitochondrial insufficiency – leading to a collapse of our body’s core ATP energy system, and resulting in poor metabolic health. In effect modern life, with all its benefits, is, at the same time, promoting a rapid cellular ageing process within the human body.

Regenerative Cell Therapy is a unique approach to health and healing created by Virginia Dutton. This ‘energy system’ approach is based on her understanding of Nutritional Physiology as well as Nutritional Biochemistry.
Over time, cellular damage, inflammation, and poor metabolic health in general, will contribute to a progressive decline in Mitochondrial function and ATP production.

Regenerative Cell Therapy involves a unique combination of Mitochondrial Medicine, Metabolic Therapy as well as traditional Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy. At the heart of the approach is the understanding that whilst are outward manifestation of our disease state may vary due to our individual DNA inheritance – the underlying cause is the same, i.e. cellular deterioration – leading to poor metabolic health.

To change our disease progression we need to intervene at the cellular level where we are being created a-new each day. Therefore we need to look at the regeneration of health energy at a cellular level within the body. Once the cells begin to work, imbalances within the body naturally begin to clear and the natural, innate intelligence of the cells is allowed to be re-established so that the body can begin to rejuvenate and regenerate in an ever-increasing state of health.

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About Virginia

Virginia Dutton B.A. Dip. Nutr Med. Dip. Iridol. FNTP.

• Live Blood Analysis
• Dry Layered Blood Analysis
• Anti-Ageing Nutrition
• Heart Rate Variability
• Mitochondrial Medicine

Virginia originally trained in Naturopathic Nutritional Medicine with Dr. Lawrence Plaskett, and in Iridology with both Dr. Plaskett and leading UK Iridologist John Andrews.

She later went on to study Live Blood Analysis, both in the UK and America – with Bio-medX.

Virginia is a fully qualified Metabolic Typing practitioner, and currently studies with Dr. Michael Kuchera M.D. – leading Mitochondrial expert – in Mitochondrial Medicine and Heart Rate Variability Testing.

In addition, Virginia has studied and continues to study the effects of stress on the human energy field with Stephen and Lynda Kane – founders of The School of Energy Awareness.

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