All diseases are a reflection of a metabolism that is out of balance

Do you suffer from fatigue or low energy?  Have problems sleeping or difficulty losing weight?  If so, you are probably experiencing the outward reflection of an internal imbalance somewhere in your metabolism.

What controls our metabolism?

Our metabolism is controlled by the hypothalamus, which regulates the flow of communication between the Neuro-Immune-Hormonal systems of the body.  These various regulatory systems, when working in harmony, create a healthy energy flow within our bodies.  When an imbalance occurs, perhaps after a period of emotional stress, poor diet, not being physically active enough etc, the body tries to self-correct itself.  However, if the stress is prolonged, then it is common for one of these systems (nervous, immune or endocrine) to become imbalanced in some way, and it is at this point that we usually begin to notice that we are not feeling as happy, healthy and energetic as we were previously.

Imbalanced energy production

The inner functioning of our bodies is regulated at a cellular level – by the mitochondrial energy production process.  When we suffer from chronic disease states or imbalances in our health , it is an indication that our cells have become blocked or diminished in their energy production.  The impairment of the cell to make energy causes the membrane potential to collapse.  When the cell membrane collapses, there is a lack of communication between cells via electron transfer exchange.  This lack of communication impacts on the various systems of the body, such as the immune, hormonal and autonomic nervous systems – resulting in failed energy metabolism.

This failure in energy production at a cellular level, is experienced by the individual as a ‘slowing down’ of the different systems within the body – leading to various imbalances, which are experienced as fatigue, weight gain, poor quality sleep etc.

Re-igniting our metabolism

To heal the body we need to address the root cause of the imbalance – that of a failed energy metabolism.  This means working at a cellular level to regenerate mitochondrial function, and strengthen the mitochondrial networks within the body.  This regeneration of cellular energy  allows the innate wisdom of the body to take over and gradually bring the Neuro-Immune-Hormonal systems into balance – allowing our bodies to heal in a gentle, natural manner.

To learn more about this unique way of treating various health imbalances, please contact Virginia on 0845  548  0221



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