Mitochondrial Therapy – Energy Medicine of the Future

Heal the Cell.  Heal the Metabolism.  Heal the Body.

Mitochondrial Medicine is a new and burgeoning field in natural health.  Its origins lie in Space Medicine where astronauts are required to function, mentally and physically, at optimum levels.  The challenge for the medical team behind the Mars 500 project was how to prevent the rapid ageing and deteriorating of the astronauts bodies as they were subjected to extreme oxidative stress and free radical damage caused by long exposures to cosmic radiation.  Dr. Michael Kuchera (MD), (below) is one of the doctors involved in the collaboration and development of these anti-ageing Mitochondrial Therapies, along with Prof. Baevsky (Russian Space Medicine).

Their research shows that stress of any kind, such as cosmic radiation, poor diet, emotional stress, fatigue, inactivity etc, damages the energy production of the mitochondria within the cells of our bodies.  This diminishment in energy production disrupts communication between the cells of our bodies, and causes rapid deterioration of a chronic degenerative nature.

If left untreated, this decline in the production of cellular ATP energy leads to a gradual breakdown of the core homeostatic control mechanisms within our bodies.  This may be experienced by the individual in a number of ways, for example lowered immunity, hormonal imbalances, weight gain, fatigue and depression.  Once a core homeostatic control gets stuck or is allowed to move beyond its norms without a corresponding ability to return where it should, ADAPTIVE CAPABILITY can be lost and it is at that point that our health begins to fail.

To heal the body we need to first look at bringing the metabolism back into balance.  This is achieved by repairing the underlying cellular damage and correcting the body’s innate energy production within the mitochondria of cells.  As the mitochondria begin to repair and restore their normal function the body begins to regenerate.  Optimal metabolic health is achieved when the mitochondria are healthy and functioning to optimum levels.

Having a robust metabolic health can help us to ADAPT to stress, of any kind, within our environment.  For example, work stress, emotional stress, environmental toxins, all become much easier for the body to deal with when the metabolism is working efficiently.

This new way of treating chronic degenerative disease has now been brought to the UK by Dr. Kuchera MD and Sheri Dixon and is available to anyone interested in overcoming their health challenges or just remaining vibrant and healthy.

Please note that only practitioners that have personally trained with Dr. Kuchera are able to practise this form of Mitochondrial Therapy.


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