What are the origins of Mitochondrial Medicine?

Mitochondrial Medicine was originally developed by the Russian Space Medical Centre in order to protect their Mars Project 500 astronauts from the damaging effects long exposures to cosmic radiation from the sun. This work has now been brought to the UK by Dr Michael Kuchera M.D. and Sheri Dixon (Heart Wise Clinic – Prestbury).

What is Mitochondrial Therapy?

Mitochondrial Therapy is an elegant, non-toxic way of addressing many common illnesses and diseases.

How does it work?

Each individual has their own unique metabolic homeostatic state. By strengthening the mitochondrial network system within the cells of our body, we are able to regenerate health at a deep cellular level.

Who is it for?

Mitochondrial Therapy is suitable for anyone wishing to achieve and maintain optimum levels of health and vitality. It is especially suited to the following conditions:

• General loss of vitality.
• Physical and mental exhaustion.
• Premature ageing.
• Signs of dysfunction of the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, liver and digestive organs.
• Lack of drive and declining mental efficiency.
• Weakness of the immune system.
• Allergies and food intolerances.
• Skin disorders.
• Dysfunction of the endocrine glands.
• Disturbance of female functions.
• Many conditions in children.

Are supplements involved?

Yes, two supplements are normally recommended, based on an individuals current state of health. Please note that these supplements can only be recommended by those practitioners who have trained, or are currently under going training with Dr. Kuchera.

What happens to the dysfunctional mitochondria?

Oxygen free radicals within the cells of the dysfunctional mitochondria are consumed and the bio-molecules within those dysfunctional mitochondria are distributed to the healthy mitochondria and the healthy components of the cell – thus eliminating the dysfunctional mitochondria and re-placing them with a highly efficient energy system within the cell.

What are the benefits?

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

• Maximum potential physical energy.
• An increased ability to cope with all stressors.
• A healthy body weight and the ability to maintain it.
• Improved immunity.
• Good quality sleep.
• Better digestion.
• Less bloating.
• Clearer skin.
• Shinier hair.
• A sharper memory.
• An expanded level of fitness.
• Disappearance or lessening of past health challenges.


To change the process of ageing and deterioration within our bodies we need to intervene at the cellular level, where we are being created a-new each day.
As long as the mitochondria of our cells remain healthy and functional – it is very unlikely that people will get ill.

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