Programmes and Pricing

Regenerative Health Clinic£120per per hour

innovative anti-ageing nutrition solutions to the following conditions:

  • General loss of vitality.
  • Premature ageing.
  • Skin disorders.
  • Allergies and food intolerances
  • Weight loss and weight maintenance programmes.

Skin and Allergy

Regenerative Skin Therapy is based on the latest developments in Anti-Ageing research. It is a new way of understanding the underlying conditions which prevent the body fully healing from long-standing skin and allergy disorders.

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Weight Loss Clinic

The Regenerative Health ‘Slow-Dieting’ programme is different from all other diets around today, because it targets this vicious cycle of events at its start, by returning levels of Neuropeptide “Y” back into normal balance. The weight comes off more slowly, but it is a more healthy weight loss, which stays off forever. The reason for this is because hormonal imbalances are gradually and naturally brought back into a state of balance. In addition, the ‘Slow-Dieting’ method tackles the modern phenomena of weight gain around the middle or abdominal fat – an issue not addressed by any other diet in the market place today.

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Anti-Ageing Clinic

Anti-Ageing Nutrition is a new and exciting branch of nutritional medicine based on the latest advances in cellular rejuvenation.

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Heart Rate Variability testing

Heart Rate Variability testing or HRV has it’s roots in the ancient Chinese tradition of “pulse diagnostics”. HRV was first used in Russian Space Medicine in the 1960’s, where it was important to receive the maximum information of body function and homeostasis using only the minimum of data transmitted from space, i.e. the astronaut’s breath and heart rate.

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Live Blood Analysis

Our blood is renewed after 3 months – therefore, it is entirely possible, by optimising nutritional intake, to intervene at this fundamental level, and change our current state of health within a short space of time

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Dry Blood Analysis

Reading’ the dry layers of the blood is like reading an ink blot. It can be very revealing as to the overall state of one’s health and internal functioning of the various organs and tissues within the body.

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