A consultation with Virginia confirmed what I had been thinking for some time.  I was running on empty – zero energy levels!  It felt like I was on Death Row (I probably was!!).Virginia started me on a moderate dose of treatment pending a consultation with Dr. Kuchera, who upped the dosage.  I felt an improvement almost immediately and feel now I have a new lease of life.I cannot praise her enough for this.

Ron Johnson – Warrington, Cheshire

I saw a flyer for Live Blood Analysis at my Natural Health Centre. It sounded interesting and I am always looking for ways to be well in-spite of a chronic health condition.

I was quite unwell on the day of my first appointment. I considered cancelling and felt very skeptical. But Virginia made a good first impression and explained what we would be doing. I confess I didn’t understand a lot of it – had heard the words like mitochondria, parasympathetic nervous system, but wasn’t clear what they meant. Like most interventions, allopathic or alternative, I don’t need to fully comprehend.

I was quite horrified at the results of the ECG and the Live Blood Analysis. I’d never seen my blood on a screen, but I know it didn’t look healthy. Several scores were not within the normal range.

I started the supplements a few days later and noticed changes fairly quickly, particularly with digestion. My skin began to feel great, almost glowing and friends commented on how well I looked. I was grateful for and supported by phone calls to Virginia between appointments, particularly during the early weeks.

The results after one month were amazing. Lots of healthy looking red blood cells and on the ECT one score had gone from 9 down to 3. I feel so much better and understand a little more about the treatment which I will be continuing with.

Thank you Virginia!

Cheryl Davies – Nottingham

I picked up one of Virginia’s leaflets for Live Blood Analysis at ‘The Nottingham Natural Health Clinic’. I must say I was very nervous about the whole treatment!!

I must have spoken to Virginia a few times before I made my appointment, read and re-read the leaflet and web page.

My appointment was made. I felt so low and knew no matter what I did my health was getting no better. So I thought I may as well give this a go! I felt stressed and not 100% myself.

At my first appointment Virginia made me feel relaxed and I felt reassured the supplements were all natural – which I liked.

I was shocked my blood was not too good, but went home took my supplements. After a few weeks I was up and down; felt very tired and worried this was not working! Few more calls to Virginia put me at ease that my body was getting rid/detoxing all my emotions I had buried deep down that was once making me ill.

I noticed my digestion was getting stronger, and my skin was looking healthy!! WOW this was working!!

Even though I still felt tired, my energy was returning.

More appointments showed my blood was getting better and it was explained that I may still feel tired due to what my body was releasing.

It’s been a few months now; I really can not thank Virginia enough for all the help, support and care she gave me and still gives. With Truly Amazing results, I continue to take the supplements only to feel better day-by-day.

What can I say if YOU are thinking of this treatment – just DO IT! – you will not regret it.

May I say huge thanks for being there for me Virginia.

Trudie Hudson

Going for a Live Blood Analysis was fantastic, I loved every minute of it.

Virginia makes you feel so relaxed, the room is very calm and tranquil.

Just knowing that a little prick of your blood can tell you whats going on in your body right now is truly amazing I was like a kid in a sweet shop just pointing to everything asking what does this mean and Virginia was happy
to answer all my crazy questions and then some.

I had a friend who was not to well and had advised her to go for a Live blood test even though I had not gone for one myself yet, she also was ranting how great it was
so I researched Virginia extensive and realised she was the only one in the UK who was doing the unique combination of Heart Rate Variability, Mitochondrial Therapy and Live Blood Analysis, and reading that she had also worked in the states, Chicago the city that lives on Live Blood Analysis. I knew this was who I wanted to see.

I live in London and yes definitely worth the
journey and I would advise anybody go to Virginia. If she moved across the world, I would still go to her, because Virginia gives you what your Doctor can’t give, and that is peace of mind and encouragement that things can change if you change.

Virginia – You are a star! Thank you for your beautiful soul!

A Happier Healthy Person
Donna Spence

Donna Spence

When I first came across Mitochondrial Therapy, as the mother of an autistic child, I was desperate! I mean TRULY at my wits end.

I have always been open to alternative therapy as well as looking into allergy testing. Even though we had found my son had a severe gluten intolerance some years before, taking gluten out of his diet wasn’t enough. His behaviour was indicative of how difficult it was for him to concentrate and he was consumed with obsessive and compulsive behavior.

I had tried Reiki, crystals, NES, cranial osteopathy, deep massage, nutritionists etc, and all had improved his condition in specific ways or in particular parts of his brain or body at one time or another, but none of the results were consistent, or they tended to have a knock-on effect, making problems in another part of his body.

Once we came across Virginia Dutton, it was really only for the Live Blood Analysis. We hadn’t realised there was a whole therapy concentrating on working at a cellular level – giving the cells more oxygen.

At Regenerative Health, Virginia looks at many parts of how the body is coping. It is not just looking at things from one angle. When we started to give the recommended suppliments to Callum, the results were astonishing. Within a few days, Callum became calmer. It seemed as if he was beginning to process what we said to him quicker – and he started responding with appropriate answers too – he started greeting people!

We couldn’t believe it as before, when we had tried all sorts of suppliments recommended by nutritionists, they seemed to unsettle him, and make him worse. But this was straight forward, and, more importantly, it worked!

With many alternative therapies, although they seemed to work at first, after two months Callums old behaviour would return and he seemed to react to everything – even probiotics. Now, with Mitochondrial Therapy, Callums body is working on what his needs are, and the energy is going where its needed to heal first; there are no outside forces heavy handedly “taking over” and unsettling him anymore.

Now we are one year on, and everyone we know has commented on how well Callum is doing. We can take him to so many places we couldn’t go to before – we even ventured to London, stayed in a hotel, and took him to see Matilda at a London theatre!

Believe me when I say, I never thought that day would come (6 months after we started to see Virginia!)

And so all I can tell you is that I trust Virginia Dutton with my children’s health, as she has proven to me that this cutting edge Mitochondrial Therapy is something that can, and will improve all of our immune systems. It has given me the opportunity to enjoy Callums childhood, instead of fear for it.

THANK YOU Virginia – you have given us back our lives. I will never forget that …..ever!!

Sarah Moxley
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